Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Great Baptismal Service


Hey hey!  Well here we keep moving along in Chapala, Jalisco. We had a really great week. Elder Garcia and I got back to the area on Tuesday really excited to visit the Sister Liliane. She had already gone to church about 5 times and we had a really good lesson for her to help her so that she would be ready for her baptism the upcoming Saturday. The coolest part was that we arrived to her and we started chatting a bit about how she was and what she learned in church the Sunday before. It was a fast Sunday and she said that she had really felt the spirit and that while she was listening she felt she had to get baptized. My companion and I were very surprised and even more happy. That made our job a whole lot easier! Well we got everything ready and she had a really great baptismal service on Saturday evening then on Sunday she was confirmed a member of church. She asked me to baptize her. I didn't realize how great it felt to be in those waters helping someone make that covenant with God. It really makes all the effort worth it when you can see the tender mercies of the Lord like that.

Elder Garcia and I also have some plans to start working with nephews and sister of Liliane. They are really great and seem to enjoy church a lot! We are really excited for them and we hope that in these next few weeks we can work diligently enough to help them make this covenant also.

This week we have a lot of family home evenings planned out. We are also going to go with a family member of some members. He went to church on Sunday and really seemed to enjoy it. He will be headed to another part of Mexico on Wednesday though but we hope we will quickly be back to keep teaching him. He is a really great guy!

I am really enjoying myself right now and I hope that the Lord is happy with my efforts. Elder Garcia is really helping me out a lot to keep focused on what I want to achieve here in the mission. We both feel that together we will have a really great change and we hope to help the zone rise up a bit more also.

Hope you have a great week! Know that I love you all and hope Ashley continues to enjoy school. McKenzie good luck. Mom and Dad keep working hard! Love ya tons!


Elder O'Brien

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