Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Desire to Be Better

Well this is going to be a quick little card! It was good to hear from you all! I am glad that you are doing so well! Sounds like McKenzie had a really good time there is Hawaii! Can't wait to see my souvenirs! ;)

So this week was another pretty big adventure. All seemed to go really well. I have been out of the area a ton of the time. This week for 3 days I was out the area on divisions. That was super crazy. First I headed with the good Elder Ford to his area in Tizapan. He was in my district in the MTC so it was really cool being able to work with him for the first time. I haven't really seen him either since the MTC so it was great being able to spend some time with him. Then we got back on Wednesday and I headed out with the Assistants to do divisions with them also. I was then with them until early on Friday morning. It was a really good experience and I was glad for all the goals that we could set to keep progressing and be better.

On Sunday we had quite a few investigators show up again. It was really great! One is a young man named Ivan. I am really excited to work with him more. He's a great young man with a ton of potential! 

We continue to eat really well. On Friday we had breakfast for lunch. My companion and I left and we could hardly walk. Then Saturday we went out to eat in a restaurant down here. Then yesterday was pork chops with Idaho mashed potatoes (the box even said they were from Idaho) and some salad. Today we made some homemade hamburgers and french fries. Overall we haven't been going hungry! haha.

Tomorrow are the interviews with President. I am excited to talk again with him. Every time we get to speak I always leave with the desire to be even better and work that much harder. I am sure this experience will be no different.

Sorry I haven't sent any pictures from here. Today I forgot my camera but lately we have been so busy that I haven't even thought about taking pictures. I will try to get some in next week though to send.

Thanks so much for the support. As it was thought I will be heading home the 28th of November. President said. I am excited to see you all but I'll have to work that much harder these last months. I pray that I can consecrate myself even more to the Lord and His work in these weeks.

Love you all! Have a really great week!


Elder O'Brien :)

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