Saturday, February 11, 2012

MTC time is winding down!

Time is winding down fast! Projected to leave in only three more weeks and I have a lot more work to do! I have goals set weekly and daily to ensure I am getting everything done that I wished to. Hope it will be enough! The district has been doing well with our goals also.
A great experience from this last week was last night actually. We were learning about how to ask inspired questions and we were taught they come through the Holy Ghost in the spur of the moment. There isn't really a way to prepare these questions except having the Holy Ghost with you. I had just gotten out of teaching one of our lessons and was pretty upset because I had felt our investigator just wasn't getting what we were teaching. I was not happy with myself for not being as prepared as I should have been for the lesson. We then started the lesson about asking inspired questions. As we were discussing I could feel the Holy Ghost comforting me to know it was alright and that I just needed to keep practicing and learning. The teacher then, in secret, gave everyone in the district a "doubt" they were having about the church. It was then up to us to listen to the Holy Ghost to figure out what their problem was and solve it. I was amazed that as I listened to the Spirit I was able to find and help comfort them about their doubts. Once I even did it without meaning to. It was amazing!

We had a great fireside last week also! Elder Nelson and Elder Holland both came.  They taught just how important this work is since it was the 50th anniversary of Missionary Training!

Well other than that not too many exciting things happening here at the MTC! I'm sure this blog thing is pretty boring so far since there aren't too many stories to tell! Don't worry I'll be able to spice it up in three weeks! 

Love ya!

Elder O'Brien

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