Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Here is part of an email we received on January 31st:

This was by far the fastest week I've had here. Seemed to go by in a flash! 

They talk to us about having hardships and being homesick.   I actually look forward to those days. It says in the scriptures that we should!   For it is the trial of faith that builds that lasting testimony. Testimonies aren't built just for the easy days, they are for those times when we can do nothing more and must turn to our Lord. This is when true humility is learned.  

Well some cool news. I received the assignment of District Leader this week. I will be district leader now until we leave the MTC. It's nice but there is a lot more responsibility put upon me. I'm excited to do the best I can to prepare my district to leave the MTC. I admit I have some difficult goals in mind for us. It will be a lot of work but I know as we are diligent to reach these goals we will be blessed by the Lord as we are more prepared to share the message of the gospel to the people of Mexico. 

I've been getting a little anxious to get out in the field but I know I have a lot more learning to do before I am prepared to leave for the field. 

I continue to work hard and continually see the blessings for it as I am able to learn quicker than ever before! You will not believe the blessings that planning and daily/weekly goals do for a missionary. I would be lost without them!

Hope everything is going well back home! Tell everyone I love them and that I'm doing great!

I'm sure he just forgot to mention how much he misses his mom...

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