Thursday, February 23, 2012

Almost time to go, but where?

Well I find out Thursday where I am headed. (Too bad he can't tell us yet) We found out that we are going stateside for a while for sure because of the visa problem. All my guesses so far have been California or Arizona! We are all excited to find out where we will be headed! I'm not sure if I will allowed to call home but I think I will be? Still unsure about it!  Oh and I might be able to call home if I have a layover also! We'll see! I sure as heck better not get called to Salt Lake City South!  hahaha.
That is so exciting about Dallin getting his call! Wish him luck for me! Man we are dominating the Mexico Missions! Just got to get Dallin down here and have Michael reassigned haha. Tell them they are going to love it!!

I am really grateful for the events in my life that have developed my character to being a leader. I know my leadership positions in the church have really strengthened me so that I am courageous to stand up for what is right. I am seeing how all the events of my life have made me who I am. Thank you all for being such a great part of that and making me who I am today.

A great experience we had was last night. We all got in little groups and discussed issues that might be holding us back from being the greatest missionary who had ever lived! It was great to bear testimony to others along with scriptures as to how the Lord can strengthen us. I know there is true power in the scriptures and they allow us to truly feel the love of Christ. They bring us closer to Him when accompanied with prayer. Through the scriptures we can know how to better ourselves to being like Christ and developing His character. One of my greatest goals is to develop the character of Christ through the small actions of everyday life and the decisions I make.

I'm sad to be leaving my district. They have really grown on me over these last couple months! It will be hard to see them go but I am excited for all of us to do great things as instruments in the Lord's hands. Wish me luck this week! I'll definitely be needing it!

You're all in my prayers! Keep being great!

Elder O'Brien

***************Late Breaking News!!

Jacob just called and said he will be going to Spokane for 2 to 6 weeks.  He sounded great!  We only got to talk for a few minutes, so hopefully we will get to talk again on Monday.

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