Saturday, July 13, 2013

Key to Our Conversion

My Dearest Family,

Well it was another really good week here in the work. All seemed to go really well! I apologize again for not being able to write much last week but I will have a bit more time this week! 

Well one cool thing that happened to start the week off was that we went to visit a less active member that we hadn't even visited. They received us well and we had a nice little lesson. There were also two little neighbor girls there and we went to meet their families also! Both the families agreed to receive us and we were able to teach one of the families this week. Tomorrow we will teach the other. It was definitely a great blessing of the Lord! 

A cool thing that we were able to do for P day today was go with our recent convert and some other members out here on a little hike. It was awesome because we were able to see all of Nueva Italia. It was good that they could all get to know each other a little better also! I sent to pictures also so hopefully they got to you!

I continue reading the Book of Mormon and I have gotten to Helaman finally. After reading it over again I still continue to feel the power that comes from the Book of Mormon. It is the key to our conversion, reading and applying its teachings. I know as we read and ponder upon its words daily the Lord will bless us in so many ways. With knowledge, testimony, and strength.

Rafael and Jorge continue to do well. We taught Rafael about the priesthood this week and he seemed to understand really well. It was great and made me very happy. He is already in 2 Nephi again. Do you all think that you can keep up with him and his diligence in reading the Book of Mormon? ;)

The conference yesterday was extremely good. I felt good knowing that our mission was one of the pilot programs for it and now it is applying in all the world! It has been quite the experience. Rough, but forever worth the fight!

I hope you all have an extremely good week! Never forget that I love you all! 


Elder O'Brien :)

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